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New Member of Trade Delegation in Vietnam and Malaysia 2017

New Member of Trade Delegation in Vietnam and Malaysia 2017

by KOHER Marketing team

Updated 2017-11-29

 "We are proud to announce that we have been selected as a new member of Trade Delegation in Vietnam and Malaysia 2017!"

KOHER Delegation1.JPG

 KOHER has been selected as a new memeber of Trade Delegation to Vietnam and Malaysia on 20th - 25th November
hosted by Gyeonggi-do province and Hawseong CCI [Chamber of Commerse and Industry]. 
 This big trade meeting was initiated from Hanoi, Vietnam at Golden Plaza Hotel on 21 November
with another Top 11 Exporting Manaufacturers in Gyeonggi-do province in Golden Plaza Hotel, Hanoi.

KOHER Delegation2.JPG

 Various industries including Organic cosmetics, Smart card reader, Transmission oil cleaning system, Product sealing machine
and Diamond cutting tools gathered large number of local potential customers with valuable meetings
and all these good passions and efforts were moved to Kuala Lumpur on the 23th in Renaissance Kuala lumpur hotel.

KOHER delegation3.jpg

 KOHER achieved great meetings with 4 buyers in Vietnam followed by 2 great partners in Malaysia
even until the last day of the program and this led to more than 10 sample inquiries in only 2 days.

KOHER delegation4.jpg

"I realised that it was just a lack of passion in the market so
we, KOHER, have to keep pushing those markets with more agressive marketing plan and greater quality of our cutting tools"
concluded the sales manager, Frank Kim.

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