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New Wave in Russia 2017- KOHER


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New Wave in Russia 2017

 [2017-04-25, Trade Tower]

KOHER Marketing Team


 KOHER sales team attended 2017 Russia Market Seminar held at Trade Center, on 25 April, 2017. This seminar focused on providing detail information to potential Korean manufacturing companies who wish to localize their business in Russian Industrial field.


 This presentation was started with an opening speech by Mr. Heecheol Jung from KITA Eurasia deaprtment

followed by Mr. Denis Zhuravskiy, CEO of AIP [Association of Industrial Parks of Russia],

Vitor Kirillov [Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation] and Dina Erdyneeva [Ministry of Foreign affairs Russia].


 The seminar covered 3 sessions including Current market status, Localiztion of business

and Government support system to potential copmanies willing to work in Russia and over 150 companies including Doosan, Hyosung and KOHER participated this show.



 "If you push forward a business in Russia, now is a great time. " said the CEO Zhuravskiy.  



[KOHER Marketing Team.]

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