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KOHER expects higher volume at new plants in Ansan, Korea


KOHER Expects Higher Sales Volume at new Ansan plant (Post-BI Center)

[2016-02-07, Ansan],

KOHER Marketing Team.



 South Korean cutting tool manufacturer KOHER is accelerating its Brand new global sales marketing plan 2016 at its new plant with R&D Center.  


 KOHER has moved Bucheon plant to larger facility at Ansan Post-BI (Business Incubator) Center, South Korea expecting higher volume of PCD, CBN insert production with stable quality through strong QC system from its new R&D Center (Research & Development Center).

KOHER expects more interest and attention from current / potential global partners and various invement plus different kinds of cooperation offers from local investors and global parners through SBC (Small & medium Business Corporation)


 As the new PCD, CBN insert plant moved in, this company expects to take full advantages of SBC's benefit offers including Technique, Management, Administration and Finance.

Sales Managing team manager, Frank kim said it will be a brilliant start for this brand new 2016 for KOHER to knock the world market.  

 He also added "KOHER is also expecting to hire more new Sales and R&D Center recruits as the size of business getting bigger and bigger within very short period time."  


" We started our business from the bottom."

        - Frank Kim at Global Sales & Marketing Team Manager




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