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KOHER's "New Value Creation" in Jakarta.

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 KOHER's "New Value Creation" in Jakarta.

by KOHER Marketing team

Updated 2017-01-21

 KOHER participated one of the biggest cutting tool exhibition show

"Manufacturing Indonesia 2016" held in Jakarta, Indonesia

with its partner on the 30th of November - 3rd of December in 2016; booth A-1203.

 This grand 4 day event was held at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO)

with Tools & Hardware, Machine Tools and Industrial Automation & Logistics.




 KOHER's items were also displayed with lots of partners and it gave wonderful chance 

to hear various voices from each different industry.



 ..."We might as well come here again and again to share information

with other partners and communicate with potential customers properly." ...

said the manager, Frank Kim from KOHER.

 Items, however, were arrived at the show with half of them only on time due to custom issue.

Frank Kim, the Sales Manager of KOHER interviewed that there was a bit of delay at the custom

but it was not that big issue to let customers down.


 "It was sad that only half of them were displayed on time

but customers paid lots of attentions to our tools than we expected. "said the manager.

He also commented that it will be another big chance for KOHER to meet more of new customers through this show soon.

KOHER is looking forward to preparing to meet many of new customers and

giving a PCD/CBN Cutting Tool training Session to sales team of partners in Indonesia soon. 




 "KOHER's items were displayed half due to custom issue 

but the fever among potential customers was so great and hot."



 KOHER rotating lineup.JPG

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