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METAV 2016

METAV 2016

For 36 years, METAV in Düsseldorf has been the venue where technology providers can present to the trade world their metalworking, automation, production instrumentation, and software innovations for added value in the field. This presentation of current developments becomes the stage for future investments. METAV provides a platform for metalworking subjects aligned to users, for the automotive and vehicle industries, machine and plant building, aerospace, medical engineering, power and environmental technologies, precision mechanics, optics, electrical and electronic engineering, to mention but a few. METAV 2016 reaches a wide range of customers!

Providing a platform for the latest trends and technologies, and presenting a detailed portrayal of the developments and potential in the production technology sector: This is the core and objective of METAV.


23 - 27 Feburary, Düsseldorf , Germany




KOHER's Marketting Team Notice

* We are afraid to notify you that participation to this show has been cancelled due to Booth booking issue.  

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