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KOHER Caride Belt Pulley Forming Insert


  For groove machining pulleys, KOHER Pulley Forming Inserts makes excellent performance on general Alluminium workpieces.

There are generally used in Electronic, Compressor pump, Agricultural machine and Automotive industry.


 KOHER N Series (TiN Coating) works outstanding cutting on Stainless Steel process.


 Single ~ Six Teeth are Available



Koher pulley1.jpg

Koher pulley2.jpg

Koher pulley3.jpg

Koher pulley4.jpg

Koher pulley5.jpg


KOHER Inquiry Information Request Example


1. I.C Size - Various

2. Thickness - 4.76, 5.3 and 6.4mm etc.

3. Pitch Angle - 40 degree

4. Number of Pitch - 1 - 6 pitches

5. Pitch R Size - R0.35, R0.375 etc.

6. Pitch Inner R Size - R0.3, R0.4, R0.5, R0.75 etc.




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