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Carbide Materials
| Carbide Materials
ㆍPrecision molding parts
ㆍForging / Powder mouldings
ㆍCutting Tool materials
ㆍMining Tool Materials
ㆍWear resistant carbide materials

KOHER is supplying the best quality of Carbide products.


- Precision Moulding parts - RAM & POT,

     - Applicable Grade: JSF13, JF12, UF10~30

- Forging / Powder moulding materials

     - Applicable Grade: KG1~7, KM7~9

- Cutting Tool materials

     - Applicable Grade: K10T, KG1~2, JA30

- Various kinds of Carbide bit for Mining industry

     - Applicable Grade: JR20~JR60

- Wear resistant carbide materials

    - Such as Carbide Punch and Dies. Ring, Rolls etc.

    - Applicable Grade: JR60, JM40 

- Pre-sintering production line

 - Main sintering production line

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