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Diamond Tools
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    There are thousands of big and small single parts required to make one car in each various production line.  Especially Alloy Wheels and DC motors industry require higher precision technology on part making process.

   Here we KOHER have Tool Line up for high technique-required industry.


   KOHER Alloy wheels Series

    Alloy wheels are wheels that made from an alloy of Aluminium or Magnesium.  Through the Forging and Die Casting process, it requires tight cutting process to meet the completed item's figure on each size.

   We would like to announce you that Natural / Mono diamond bite is ready to satisfy your expectation.  


- Mono Crystal Bite - 1.2 / 2 / 3 Radius

- Insert type / Solid Type

   *We also provide you Carbide / PCD Step Drills for Rug Holes on wheels as customised order.  For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time.



   KOHER V-Blocks Series

    V-Blocks are known as precision metalworking jigs which is normally used to hold round shapaed metal rods, pipe or shank for performing milling, drilling or even turning operation.

   On that V shaped block, DC motor armature and commutator part is being cut by our KOHER's Diamond tools which the shaft is placed on KOHER's V Blocks.  


- Natural / Mono Diamond Bite

- Natural Diamond for V-Block and Diamond Tools





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