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New Products
| KOHER Coating Series
ㆍKOHER Plus Coating - Light Copper
ㆍNano Silicon Coating - Red Copper / Dark Grey
ㆍAlTiN Coating - Dark Grey
ㆍTiN Coating - Gold
ㆍTiAlN Coating -Grey

KOHER Coated Insert Series is now available.


●New special Coating technology has been applied to KOHER's CBN INSERT which would make greater performance with longer tool life on Hardened steel cutting process.

 Various grades and types of CBN inserts are managed as stock system to serve you at any time!

대한민국 절삭공구업체 코얼은 코팅 PCD/CBN 인서트를 도입하여 보다 월등한 성능과 수명을 실현하게 되었습니다. 
Edge Preparation 과 Honing, Polishing을 위한 장비를 이용하여 최대 품질을 구현하고 있습니다.

KOHER Coating Insert Line-up
Nseries- TiNCoating for General Use 
  • Aseries TiAlNCoating for Dry cutting & Milling
   • Sseries – NanoSiCoating for finishing

KOHER Plus Coating - Light Copper

KOHER Nano Silicion Coating - Red Copper / Dark Grey

KOHER AlTiN Coating - Dark Grey

KOHER TiN Coating - Gold

KOHER TiAlN Coating - Grey

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