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New Products
| KOHER PCD Chipbreaker Inserts
ㆍKOHER Brand New Chipbreaker Line-up
ㆍLonger tool life with outstranding Chipbreaking
ㆍCustomized Design also available
ㆍVarious Laser & Brazed Type prepared


 KOHER’s PCD Chipbreaker Series is ready to provide you premium quality on cutting performance!

Various design of chipbreaker shape is available according to customer’s request and working conditon.

All Series with Finishing, Left and Right handed styles are available!



    KOHER Z Series has various design with Laser Chipbreaker on insert cutting edge.

  We create our own design to serve you the right tools! 


  Laser PCD Chipbreaker Insert will prevent your work from long chips damaging completed workpiece.

 Our designed Chipbreaker insert will break the chips from continuous process smoothly.  









 KOHER’s New C Series - PCD/Carbide Combined Chipbreaker will show you brilliant chip breaking with close chipbreaker on the cutting edge.

We prouldy annouce you that we have achieved patent for our own PCD Chipbreaker design!







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