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New Products
| Alloy Wheel Cutting tools
ㆍISO PCD Turning Insert
ㆍLaser Chip breaker Insert - Z Series
ㆍPCD + Carbide Combined Insert - C Series
ㆍMono Diamond Bite
ㆍStep Drills



 With more than many years of Know how, KOHER is providing you the best line up for Alloy wheel industry.

KOHER's PCD and Carbide cutting tools are made to be the most suitable for your cutting process in production area for Aluminium alloy wheels.


KOHER Alloy wheel tools.jpg



  2.0 Radius VCMW220520 - KP10 / KP01

  Special Grooving Type - Dog Bone Type



  2.0 Radius VCMW110204 KP10 with Z series

  1.2 Radius Special shaped design [Dog bone Type, Bite Type]



  2.0 Radius V Type Insert C Series 



  Mono Diamond, CVD Diamond Bite with holder is available for finishing process of alloy wheel cutting production.

  KOHER Mono Diamond bite performs finer surface roughness on alloy wheel rim OD turning.

  Step drill for rim hole with special design is available.  KOHER unique design will give you high efficiency on production with outstanding chipbreaking.

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